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The Movie

Climb Every Mountain tells the story about two extraordinarily talented singers, Dominic Muhrer (Eurovision Song Contest Finalist) from Salzburg, Austria and Joshua Ledet (American Idol Finalist) from Louisiana, USA, who are meeting to perform and record the all time world hit, Climb Every Mountain, from the legendary long running Sound Of Music Musical and Multi-Oscar® winning Film.

Dominic Muhrer

(About L.A.) ...The vibe here is fantastic! A tremendous amount of unforgettable art is and always has happened here. One can just feel that and be inspired by it.

Joshua Ledet

(About Salzburg) ... I'm a country guy, so I'm used to being in nature. But being in nature and seeing all this beautiful background: The mountains and glaciers... That's a cool mix. It's amazing!

Humberto Gatica

I'm very proud to be a part of this project, and I'm very grateful to my manager, who asked me to do this. I am very excited.

 It was an outstanding experience to work with these  two young and gifted musicians and Humberto Gatica, in such diverse worlds as LA and Salzburg - to mutually create music and a picture which tells the story of "Climb Every Mountain" and how imortant hope and motivation are in today's world

Hannes M Schalle


Single Release

December 18th 2017

Deutsche Premiere

German Premiere



21:35 | 9.35 pm CET

UK / US Releases

TBA 2019



Joshua in Lousiana
Filming at Lionshare Studios
Dominic in Venice
Josh and Dominic in Venice
Josh and Dominic in Santa Monica
The Crew
DOP Thomas Schweighofer
Josh and Dominic at St.Peter
The Makemakes and Josh

Climb every mountain
Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow

'Till you find your dream


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